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Singing Socials
Singing is a social affair. During the pandemic, choral singers in particular, have suffered from the lack of community singing. Zoom choirs can’t replicate the feeling of being part of a large body singers and the physical sensation of the vibrations from other singers coursing through your body. Singing socials is designed to help fill this gulf.



About This Course

Classical group singing sessions for between 6-8 people.

Led by voice science researcher and teacher Rebecca Moseley-Morgan.

  • Sessions will include

  1. how, what and why' to warm-up your voice.

  2. Using Vaccai, ‘Metodo Pratico’ we will troubleshoot any vocal difficulties and tackle any vocal gremlins.

  3. Focus on breath management.

  4. You may sing a solo if you’re feeling brave. You must let me know in advance if you plan to sing a solo so I can send you a track if needed and plan the session timings.

    • Please note, if you would like to sing a solo you will need to be able to play an accompaniment track on a separate device to the one you are using for the zoom call. You will also need a small speaker so the volume is sufficient for both you and the group to hear it. These can be purchased from Amazon very cheaply ask Becky for recommendations. With a speaker attached you can use a smart phone as device with a mini jack to jack lead to connect to the speaker.

  5. We may learn a song as a group to prepare for a future session or we will study other Bel Canto vocalises.

  6. Any questions about vocal issues which have been troubling you.

  • You will need

    1. A drinking straw

    2. Half a glass of water for bubbling plus a second  full glass to drink

    3. Vaccai ‘Metodo Pratico’. If you do not not own one I can supply copies to use in the session. I strongly urge you to buy one if you don’t have it. We will use the Peter’s edition which comes in a choice of high, medium or low. We will mostly use high and low in the sessions but if in doubt, ask Becky. Cost £9 approx. Amazon sell it and many others.

    4. Anyother music needed will be emailed to you in advance.

The sessions will not be identical, they will always start with a vocal warm-up and end with a cool-down. The content will be planned in accordance with the feedback received from the singers. The intention is to keep the sessions useful, relevant and fun.

Cost £15 per person for a 2 hour session.


Your Vocal Toolbox

In the golden era of the Bel Canto, a student would typically work exclusively with their teacher on a daily basis and would never practice unsupervised. For many reasons, this model is not sustainable for the modern singer. We now have a wealth of knowledge from sports and voice science research. We can give singers precise tools and techniques to tackle typical problems which might occur. A simple regime of exercises which target vocal muscles will be taught. The singer will then learn how to apply any of these techniques to the music they singing. The benefit of this is that the singer can be self-reliant in maintaining vocal function and this will allow the singer freedom to be able focus on musical matters with confidence.

The singer’s tool-box includes techniques and regimes for

  • Warm-up and cool-down

  • What is being warmed up and why? What are you trying to achieve?

  • Learn the benefit of cooling down to relax tired muscles and avoid vocal fatigue or injury.

  • Semi-occluded vocal tract exercise (bubbling)

  • Breathing

  • Tongue root tension

  • Constriction

  • Evenness across the registers

  • Improving timbre

  • Improving stamina

More information at


Becky has over 20 years of experience in working with the aging voice. lessons focus on restoring optimal functionality of the voice and establishing a establish a secure technique to maintain ensure the longevity of the voice.


Originally RCM-trained, Vetta came to Suffolk in 2002 after careers as a soloist and University lecturer in Opera and Musical Theatre singing and Choral Training at the University of Cape Town; she was also Chorus Master of Cape Town opera and Director of the Philharmonia Choir. She established an opera training programme for previously- disadvantaged young singers from the townships, which has served as a springboard for several currently successful solo singers internationally. Her extensive work with choirs in South Africa allowed her the opportunity to work with, inter alia, Menuhin, Osawa, Pavarotti; the LPO and Birmingham Royal Ballet,Rutter and
Willcocks. She now teaches privately, conducts several choirs and ensembles both in the UK and overseas, runs popular vocal workshops and master classes, and is currently collaborating to develop a synthesis of past and current effective breathing
techniques for singers.

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To book or inquire about Vetta's courses email Vetta at

“Stepping out of the Screen”- a Face-to-Face all-day  masterclass. After a year singing only Zoom and at home, this is a joyful opportunity to perform your songs and arias “live” again in the historic surroundings and beautiful acoustics of St Mary’s church, Halesworth, Suffolk, getting encouragement and feedback from Vetta. (Pianist: Terry Cunnane)

24th April 2021

“Basically Baroque”- a Face-to-Face all-day masterclass with Vetta , singing your early arias and songs with harpsichord and viol continuo. These Baroque sessions provide a  unique experience for many students of singing,  giving appropriate stylistic context and the “feel” of singing with early continuo instruments. (Harpsichord: Tim Patient and Bass viol: Catherine Clark) .  In beautiful St Mary’s, Halesworth, Suffolk.

1st May 2021

 I’m delighted to be resuming Face-to-face private teaching in my studio from Monday 12th April as well as hybrid lessons where preferred. (This is the latest advice by the Incorporated Society of Musicians, of which I am a Fellow.)

12th April 2021

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